Tucson Commercial Real Estate: Brokerage and Property Management

Cushman & Wakefield | PICOR is Tucson’s leading independently owned, full-service commercial real estate company. Founded in 1985, Cushman & Wakefield | PICOR offers brokerage, consulting, asset and property management for industrial, office, medical, retail, land and investment properties.

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The Importance of Bricks’n Mortar in the Digital Age: TREND Report

As each day goes by, it seems we are increasingly leaning on technology and digital media to connect, to communicate, and to learn about the world around us. On a daily basis, we are learning new ways to employ this exciting new technology to fulfill our needs and save time and money. One of our most fundamental needs, consumerism, is a large part of this digital revolution.

There are few things that we cannot procure digitally. We book hotel rooms and flights, pet sitting services, rental cars and equipment, and, to an ever-increasing degree, consumer goods. According to the US Census Bureau, total e-commerce sales for 2017 were estimated at $453.5 billion which is an increase of 16% from 2016 and e-commerce now accounts for 8.9% of total sales of retail goods in the United States.

This increase in digital consumerism has fueled debate as to what the future of physical “bricks ’n mortar” stores looks like. Many believe this move to digital procurement will continue unchecked and that our current retail building model will become irrelevant. Increasingly, however, retailers are beginning to understand the absolutely critical interplay between digital and physical presence. Omni-channel marketing and delivery are actually inextricably connected, and both the digital and physical retail markets are reliant upon one another.

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