UA Tech Park, The University of Arizona

UA Tech ParkThe UA Tech Park is one of the nation’s premier research parks – a dynamic, interactive community where innovators and business leaders meet, where emerging companies and technology giants work side by side. Located in one of Arizona’s fast-growing suburban settings on Tucson’s southeast side, the Park’s spacious campus encompasses 1,345 acres and has 2 million square feet of space for high-tech offices, R&D, and laboratory facilities.

A perfect location for access to the markets of California, Texas and the Mountain West states, the UA Tech Park is also home to enterprises capitalizing on proximity to the markets and manufacturing capabilities of Mexico, where the Arizona/Sonora border is 65 miles away.

Key availabilities within the UA Tech Park include:


9070 Lobby

  • 9040 S. Rita Road: 34,158 sf of office/R&D space
  • 9070 S. Rita Road: 29,023 sf of office/R&D space
  • Solar Zone: 3.7 acres, development ready
  • S. Rita Road & Interstate 10: 10.8 acres, development ready


UA Tech Park is home to The Solar Zone, the first of its kind solar-centric business zone within the Park, advancing solar energy innovation and production.

For more information, contact:

Cushman & Wakefield | PICOR
Brandon Rodgers, CCIM | 520.546.2714

Visit UA Tech Park‘s website